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Sunday Connection:


Available for 9am, 11am, 1pm services. For ages 6 weeks-2 years. There is no greater treasure on this side of heaven than the little ones that God has given. 

Toddlers & Beginners:

Available for 11am & 1pm services. Toddlers age 2-3, Beginners 4-5. Your little ones will experience learning about how much God loves them and all the wonderful Bible stories at an age appropriate level. 

Children’s Church: 

Available for 11am & 1PM services. Grades 1st -4th meet every Sunday for live Worship and exciting Life Applicable Bible Stories LEARNED THROUGH DRAMA, GAMES AND CHILDREN’S PARTICIPATION.

56th Street Pre-Teen Sunday School: 

Available for 11am, & 1pm services. Grades 5th-6th meet to learn RADIANT LIFE Bible lessons through a 4 Step process: Introduction, Bible Study, Application and LIVING IT Outside the classroom They meet in the Choir room every Sunday at 11am & 1pm. 

Friday Connection: 

Kids Connect: 

Every other Friday night at 7:30pm-9pm your kids will connect with kids their age and gender to learn about the Word of God and how they can apply it in everyday life. Here kids will learn valuable lessons that will help them grow spiritually AND CONNECT WITH LEADERS THEY CAN TRUST. Please come to the Fellowship hall through the parking lot entrance of the Church. 

Children’s Choir: 

Ages 5-12 meet every Friday from 6:30pm -7:30pm in room 101 & the Choir Room for Choir rehearsal. Any child between those ages can attend, provided that they exhibit vocal ability. Auditions are held to determine the child’s vocal abilities.

There are also special programs throughout the summer months and during special holidays. For more information on any of our programs email our Children’s Pastor, Jazmin Ramos, at

or call at 718-792-9394 Ext. 308